SKAYPARK Hackett Sochi Adventure Park is Russian-New Zealand project: 1st in Russia opened by founder of bungee jumping of 'AJ Hackett International'

SKAYPARK Hackett Sochi Adventure Park is Russian-New Zealand project: 1st in Russia opened by founder of bungee jumping of 'AJ Hackett International'

SKAYPARK Hackett Sochi is located in the Sochi National Park, a scenic location Akhshtyr gorge in Mzimta river valley on the road to Krasnaya Polyana. The park is located in the relict forest that grow Colchis boxwood, jasmine, rhododendron Pontian and other rare plants.

The centerpiece of the park occupies the world's longest suspended footbridge skybridge length of 439 m, in which one can make an exciting trip. And from the height of 207 meters to enjoy the magnificent panoramic views. On the one hand - in the Caucasus mountains, on the other - the Black Sea coast.

Also located on site SKAYPARK built high ropes adventure "Mowgli", observation platforms with spectacular views, an interactive museum world bungee jumping, rock climbing area of 1200 square meters. m and a height of 18 meters, an amphitheater, which hosts concerts and festivals, and a restaurant on the edge of the canyon.

And, of course, for the fans to really thrill SKAYPARK offers high-altitude rides from company AJ Hackett International. Here is one of the highest bungee in the world - 207 m BUNGY BUNGY and 69 m, as well as the world's highest swing SochiSwing 170 m, MegaTroll length of 700 m, where you can develop a speed of up to 120km / h.

In the company of professional guides of the park, visitors can climb the specially designed via ferrata (metal structures on the rocky area) in liana cave or take a scenic canyoning on the river Dzyhra.

History of bungy jumping by Dzhey Hackett

Bungee stretches the minds of people since 1986 - since, as a pair of New Zealanders set off in pursuit of adrenaline in the Pacific Islands.

Then, in the 80s, Ey Dzhey Hackett, a young builder from Auckland (New Zealand), fascinated by extreme sports, discover the ritual of the inhabitants of the Australian island of the Trinity. Tied to the legs long vines, the men of the island jumped headfirst with a 35-meter high wooden towers. Since ancient times, the locals believe that these fearless jumps - the key to a good crop of sweet potato.
Soon Ey Dzhey met with his countryman Chris Sigglkou. Chris, who was fond of video editing, told him about the record 70. On this film, several young Britons, who called himself a "Club of Oxford University Dangerous Sports", performed a modern version of the jump - not with the wooden towers and the bridge Golden Gate in San Francisco...
So, in 1986, armed with the right length rope, Ey Dzhey and Chris went to the bridge Grinhayt in Auckland for testing. First they tied a rope to the bag filled with stones - and he "jumped" successfully. Now required to check bungee personally.
In 1986 Ey Dzhey, Henry and Martin were going to Europe in the national team of New Zealand in downhill skiing. But suddenly been caught red-handed. Just before boarding the plane to France, friends decided to once again jump off the bridge in the Auckland harbor to try out a new mounting system designed Hey Jay. It eliminates the need for parachute straps: bungee rope was attached to the feet. And the jump itself is not needed to make legs, and his head down.
Ey Dzhey flew to France not only to make downhill skiing - he decided to promote the idea of bungy in Europe, where it made the jump from the 147-meter bridge Pont de la Kai using the foot attachment system.
Hackett also applied to French scientist to figure out how to behave rope bungee at temperatures well below freezing. "I had a dream to jump off the ski lift in the snow and go down on skis. This romantic vision ", - says Ey Dzhey.
When he learned that it was possible, he persuaded the leadership of the French ski resort of Tignes - and jumped headfirst from the cabin funicular to 91 meters in deep snow at minus 20 degrees.
It was the first of many extreme jumps AJ Hackett. But none of his flights can not be compared with the famous jump from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, June 26, 1987.
In the same year, first proposed Hackett to experience the thrill everyone. In March 1988, he established the world's first platform for bungee jumping in New Zealand town Okahune about Tapo Lake.
The team continued to search for and construction of all the higher places for spectacular jumps. In August 1990, the commercial sites have been opened in the French Normandy and Cairns, Australia. In Cairns, the world's first special tower was built for bungee jumping.
Already in 1993 it opened the world's first commercial platform for bungee jumping from a helicopter in New Zealand, where more than 3000 jumps were committed. However, today, the only place in the world where you can take a helicopter jump - a platform AJ Hackett in Germany.
In 1994 and 1995 the site's bungee jumping opened in Las Vegas (United States) and Kuta (Bali), and in 1997, due to the high demand for extreme entertainment earned a second site in Queenstown: Ledge (The Ledge).
In 1998, Hackett has developed a new cable system to stabilize the jump - it is possible to make very precise jumping from high buildings. Including - to break the world record for bungee jumping from skyscrapers. Ey Dzhey jumped from the 190-meter Auckland Sky Tower. The jump was observed 10 thousand people, and about one million watched it live broadcast on television.
In 2006, Macau (China) had another record-breaking facility - the world's tallest platform for bungee jumping from buildings: the 223-meter tower Macau Tower. In 2008, in Normandy on the bridge de la Sulevr (Viaduc de La Souleuvre) were installed swing height of 61 meters.
In November 2013 the company celebrated the 25th anniversary of the bungee jumping where it all began - in Queenstown.
Ey Dzhey continues to promote extreme jumps in the world - in 2014 new markets opened at Sentosa (Singapore) and Sochi in Russia.


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